for indian weddings according to their taditioanl attire designer work sarees and blouse gives more in the  occasion if wedding ceremony indian bride especially want to care must taken to design their sarees and blouse with designers to increase their beauty because she only show stopper.

their are different patterns  of material used ,which include Silver thread embroidery, Golden thread  embroidery, Metal beads, crystal stone work,Real pearls, wood beads, glass beads, mirror work, lace work, Kundan, sequins, glittering stones, zardozi etc. Mostly rich fabrics like silk, georgette, brasso, brocade, chiffon, silk, crepe etc. are used in the making of a designing the bridal blouse .

In India, Sabyasachi Mukherjee is expert in designing the royal embroidery bridal work blouse .this kind of royal embroidery work  blouse highlighting the bridal beauty rich in appearance .now Sabyasachi Mukherjee royal embroidery bridal creates a new trend . In designing the bridal embroidery work blouse silk or pattu cloth is used in bollywood many of the designers available for designing the embroidery work blouse and sarees.because blouse only highlighting the saree .

the developer develop  no of bridal neck designs they always follow the latest  fashion . bridal blouse back neck design has been designed  stylish with ribbons, embroideries, tussles, loops and hooks dori designs which not only look beautiful as well as add a rich look in appearance of bridal beauty

. Jewellery embroidery work  blouse :Jewellery embroidery work blouse is another type of bridal blouse large kundans and beads mirror and zircon stones crystals are used in designing the blouse.

sabyasachi bridal blouse

sabyasachi bridal blouse

jewellery work blouse   all over bridal work blouse bridal work blouse back besignheavy embroidery  bridal work blouse pattu embroidery bridal work blouse

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from the traditional times Indian woman is the most of the world’s eyes.Indian every woman love to wear saree .so the beauty of the saree majorly depends upon the blouse or choli.


The grace of the blouse designs depends upon the cuts and shapes that needful in designing the back and front and the kind of designing done.In India traditional indian woman always prefer fully covered blouse .on other hand youngsters all ways follow follow the latest fashion love to wear the deep neck blouse or backless blouse with their saree look to attract more no of eyes towards them.teenagers always like backless choli or blouse to show their beauty.they are eye catching in any any where.depends upon their requirements they can choose their design.


The blouse front neck is another important factor in designing the blouse some people like deep some woman do not want to show. Traditional Indian woman always like to cover the their modesty and decent look.Normal Blouses or daily wear house hold wife Indian  means that  for everyday use, having covered front with U-shaped or round backs giving a sensual and graceful look to the woman. ther are many of the blouse neck design in blouse they are:


Hlater neck blouse is also called as air host blouse this kind of blouse fully covered the back but open able front side .most of working woman like this kind of blouse.


spaghetti strap is also called as noodle strap blouse or bikini style blouse.very thin strap used in designing the blouse in most of bollywood actress like spaghetti strap for cocktail party wear.Madira bedi always wore this kind blouse.and may have sleeves or shoulder straps blouse, spaghetti straps (noodle straps), or may be strapless blouse.


Sleeveless blouses are more comfort in summer this kind many suitable for tall woman.

blouse designs catalogue 2014Halter-Neck-Black-Blouse

Aishwarya_rai in sleeveless blouse

Tamanna in halter neck blouse







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Embroidery work blouse deigns 2014:

the saree blouse blouse is a Indian traditional the the blouse is an  upper garment of the Indian the Indian woman must be interested in designing their blouse because normal blouse design is a older blouse now Embroidery work blouse designs now rule the latest fashion in saree blouse design.

T he beauty of the saree mainly depends upon the designing of the blouse .Their are many types of Embroidery work blouse designs they may be stone work ,crystal work ,maagam work blouse,mirror work,zardosi work blouse designs,and also hand embroidery work blouse.the raw material used in embroidery work blouses are,crystals,kundans,mirrors and zari thread and chumky.

Machine  embroidery work blouse designs:

Machine  embroidery work blouse designs are more beautiful than compare to the Hand embroidery work blouse. because now a days people always follow the latest fashion More modern computerized machine are used in designing the sarees and blouse.Silver thread embroidery, Golden  thread embroidery, Metal beads, Real pearls, wood beads, glass beads, mirror work, lace work, Kundan, sequins, glittering stones, zardozi etc. Mostly rich fabrics like silk, georgette, brasso, brocade, chiffon, crepe etc.this type of cloth used in designing the embroidery .

Maggam work embroidery blouse designs:

Maggam work embroidery is time taken and hard embroidery compare to Machine  embroidery work blouse .in Maggam work embroidery silk or pattu cloth is used.they are many types of Maggam work designs they are Ari work ,Bagh, Chikan, Kashida, Kasuti, Kantha, Sozni, Shisha, Zardozi etc. are some of the commonly practiced Embroidery in designing Saree blouse.

all over embrodiery work blouse back design


all over embrodiery work blouse back design latestall over embrodiery work blouse back

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